About Us

Our story begins with one of our co-founders, Alex, who had struggled with stubborn stomach issues for years, feeling hopeless as he searched for solutions. One fateful day, he stumbled upon the hidden gem that is Chaga mushrooms! Intrigued by their potential benefits, Alex delved deep into research and eventually learned the art of crafting his own healing tinctures. To his delight, within a few weeks, his condition improved dramatically, and a newfound hope blossomed.

With his passion for mushrooms ignited, Alex continued to explore the world of fungi, uncovering the potential healing properties of numerous other mushroom species. As fate would have it, his childhood friend James shared a deep connection with Alex's journey. Having witnessed the struggles of his own family members with similar ailments, James was eager to give Alex's homemade remedies a try. To their shared astonishment, James' family members experienced incredible success with the products as well.

Inspired by their own healing journeys and the undeniable power of nature, Alex and James decided it was time to share their mushroom magic with the world. Thus, My-Shrooms was born.

Here you'll find a lovingly curated collection of mushroom tinctures, supplements, and wellness products, each infused with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Our mission is to provide natural, effective solutions for a variety of conditions, and to help others rediscover the transformative power of nature.